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First Impressions: Transistor

Supergiant Games the people that brought you Bastion recently released their followup to game, Transistor. While in no way a sequel to Bastion, Supergiant’s signature style is all over the game, and boy does that make it an amazing experience. Transistor takes place in a futuristic metropolis called Cloudbank where technology is completely integrated into the world. Cloudbank is completely democratic society, early on in the game you find that you can vote on the weather forecast for the next day. It is unclear whether or not these votes really make a difference in the game, but it really sets the tone for the world of Cloudbank.

Transistor starts right in middle of the action, giving the player a feeling curiosity that keeps them exploring and thirsty for information. This thirst is steadily quenched as your sword converses with you, allowing you to slowly piece together whats going on. The gameplay in Transistor is captivating, the action seamlessly transitions between two different battle types. Regardless of which battle type you choose, or how you customize your abilites, Transistor is a fun and engaging game.

Keep an eye on Lowkeygaming for the full review coming soon.


New Pokemon Titles Announced, due out in November!

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been announced with a release date some time in November, just in time for Christmas. So far there have been no details about the game havve been announced except for the Box Art.

It looks like the two legendary Pokemon are going to have Mega Evolutions, and based on what Pokemon said about future games there will be other ones throughout the game as well.

Stay tuned for details about the new titles!

Super Smash Brothers …. two wild Pokemon appear!

Nintendo made a few great announcements today in a Nintendo Direct focused on Super Smash Brothers WiiU and 3DS.

Two new challengers have arrived in the form of Greninja and Charizard.
Greninja looks awesome and Charizard seems to have a mega evolution available, probably his Final Smash.

In other news Zero Suit Samus and Sheik are coming back with their own spots on the selection roster.

Slowpoke News Network: Twitch Plays Pokemon (Gen. 1)

Twitch Plays Pokemon struck the internet as quite the phenomenon. At this point the community is actually completing the second generation and gearing up for the 3rd generation. In classic slowpoke fashion this video is a little outdated but a great way to get up to speed with the first generation of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

The Last of Us video Review…

Naughty Dog is just about to release “Left Behind” it’s highly anticipated DLC for The Last of Us. If you’re still on the fence about picking this game up, hopefully this Video review will help you choose. The game is an instant classic in every sense of the word, and I for one cannot wait to pick up the DLC as soon as it is released.

A Wild Ditto Appeared!


LowkeyGaming is commited to doing it’s very first give away!
On Friday the 15th of November we will be giving away Ditto’s caught specifically for breeding! These Dittos will have at least 2 perfect Inherited Value’s (IV’s) which can easily be passed down to your other Pokemon!

Any one who likes the Lowkeygaming page on Facebook is eligible!
To get your fancy Breeding Ditto you  simply need to send me a message on Facebook to Lowkeygaming with your Friend Code before 12:00PM EST on 11.15.13!

If you’re wondering how to tell exactly which stats are perfect on your Ditto you need to visit the Pokemon Center in Kiloude City! There will be one of those psychic NPC’s to the left by the dressing rooms. He will tell you exactly which of the stats on your Ditto are best!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Ouya: Whats inside



At only 99 dollars the tech in the Ouya is nothing to be scoffed at. The tiny titan boasts a Quad-core 1.7 Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore and Nvidia Geforce ULP. While you aren’t going to see the amazing graphics and performance you get from the big three, it is still formidable considering the price point.

If the 8 GB of internal storage out of the box aren’t enough, you can always expand it with removable storage. Ouya displays via HDMI to a television and can support 1080p, 1080i and 720p depending on the games. A lot of reviews have complained about the quality of the remote controller, luckily the Ouya can work with XBOX 360 or PS3 controllers. The only catch is that the developer must allow it in the game.


Ouya isn’t only for playing, every system can be used as a developer’s kit. The 2.95 inch cube can also easily be taken apart, since the screws are right on top of the device.

Although the system isn’t cutting edge when it comes to technology the price point is hard to beat. Most other devices with similar hardware run anywhere from $199 to around $400, and these devices aren’t dedicated gaming systems.


Stay tuned to learn more about the Ouya, its games, and what it can offer to developers.

Indie Game Review : Knights of Pen and Paper


Knights of Pen and Paper puts an interesting spin on classic role playing games of both the table top and video variety. You start out at a long table and an odd looking man standing on one side of it. Across from him sit 5 empty chairs.  In Knights of Pen and Paper you are playing as a group of friends who are playing a table top RPG.


Character creation is pretty standard, except for the few things that make it extremely weird. You get to choose the person playing the character and the class that person chooses. Here’s an example to help shed some light on the situation. The Grandma character gets 10% more threat due to her Loud passive, this has great synergy with the paladin tank class. So I currently have a very loud, very old woman playing as the tank in my game. There are a lot of other character types to choose from, each one having different in game perks covering everything from +10% experience ,for the new guy Mr. John,  to 50% discount on blacksmith upgrades for Paris the compulsive shopper.

One pretty bad thing about Knights of Pen and Paper is that there is absolutely no explanation about anything. You don’t know how threat works or how spell damage works. You don’t know what buttons do what, you’re just thrown blindly into the game. Albeit a very simple concept to pick up, it can get annoying at first.


The art in Knights of Pen and Paper is what initially drew me to it. Classic 8 bit sprites with interesting environments. The battle animations aren’t too flashy, sticking to the theme of a classic table top games. I particularly enjoy the world map. It is reminiscent of the map in Super Mario 3, nothing to detailed just an odd picture and a surprise when you arrive.


The music in Knights of Pen and Paper is nothing to be scoffed at either. Both the battle and world screen music is fun to listen to and helps to keep things moving along. I particularly like the music that plays in the tavern.
There is an entire other layer of game to Knights of Pen and Paper. The game room. You use gold earned in game to buy things to decorate the room or snacks for your party. Decorations have permanent effects to things like gold earned or damage done while food has similar effects that last some where around 15 minutes. Using room decorations and snacks are very important as you progress in the game, I don’t know what I’d do with out sushi.The simple to pickup, but hard to master battle system in Knights of Pen and Paper is a wonderful call back to classic RPGs with one big difference. Strategy is king. While often times as a child I could simply attack my way through crowds of beasties, Knights of Pen and Paper takes some real planning.

knightsofpenandpaper2First of all, if you don’t build threat on your tank your entire party will die pretty fast. Even with your Paladin tanking and your healers trying to keep him alive, if you don’t mitigate a good amount of damage your tank will die. To do this you need to pay attention to move order and try to lock down as many of your opponents as possible. This takes a decent amount of strategy as you try and maximize your damage output and keep your team alive.

Knights of Pen and Paper is a very fun game and defiantly worth a look at. It is available on both Android and iOS along with steam for your PC.

So.. you want to hunt monsters?…

imgresWith the Japanese release of Monster Hunter 4 just around the corner, and my recent love affair with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I decided to explore the game a bit more in-depth.

Monster Hunter plays exactly how it sounds, you spend a whole lot of time hunting down monsters. You can choose to either catch a weakened monster using a trap and tranquilizers or kill it and butcher it’s body. Catching the monster alive, gives you a bunch more resources and is therefore beneficial. Resources gathered  from monsters are used for making everything in the world of monster hunter, from armor and weapons to fishing rods and bug nets. The sweet taste of victory is quickly replaced by blood thirst, an urge to move on a new hunt and more powerful monsters. Progression is mainly measured by your hunter rank, interestingly enough, rank doesn’t give you any stats or advantages, it only give you the opportunity to fight even stronger monsters. The game is on it third main iteration so far, and in classic
Capcom fashion, there are many expansions on the main franchise.


Monster Hunter is infamous for it’s difficulty. Even before the modern day Demon Souls, Monster Hunter was extremely unforgiving. No matter how much gear you have, or how long you’ve played, if you mess up that level one monster will kill you and your friends will laugh at you. This extreme learning cliff makes some people shy away from the series, but once you pick it up and gain some skill it’s a little hard to get away.

The first Monster Hunter was released in 2004 on the Sony Playstation 2 after a surprise reveal in 2003’s E3 conference. Monster Hunter was created by the team that made Resident Evil Outbreak, and had decent online support on the PS2. In fact the servers stood open until 2007. The game received decent reviews from with a 7 out of 10. While the reception in America was lukewarm, Japan received Monster Hunter with open arms. This first generation opened the flood gates for many iterations and sequels.images

Monster Hunter G was the first expansion to Monster Hunter. MHG added several new features still prevalent in monster hunter games today, the G Hunter Rank, different variations on monsters, and felyne Chefs. G-Rank quests offer the best rewards and far more challenging battles. This still rings true in current Monster Hunter games. Monster Hunter G never got a NA release on the PS2 but eventually reached us in the form of Monster Hunter Freedom on the PSP.

In 2006, Monster Hunter received it’s first true sequel in Monster Hunter 2. It introduced several a day and night system to the game along with new monsters . With new monsters came new Items, Armor, and Weapons. This game was never released on the North American PS2. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 ,an altered version of MH2, came to NA with some different monsters and the addition of several new weapons. Longsword, Gunlance, Hunting Horn, and Bow.  Freedom 2 was rated “Great” by IGN giving the game an 8.8 .  After some time Capcom released a new version called Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Unite, where feyline companion joins you on your quests.

imagesFast Forward 4 years, and it 2010 and Monster Hunter Tri is released for  the Wii, along with the Pro Controller. Capcom originally intended to release the game on the PS3 but high development costs caused them to release the game on the Wii. The release of a Monster Hunter Game on the Wii allowed Nintendo to take a hardcore gaming angle, promising they were still there for the hardcore gamer in all of us.  Monster Hunter Tri was the first game to include under water battles, which didn’t receive a very kind reception from fans. Originally Monster Hunter Tri removed several weapons classes, but they were eventually put back into the game with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was an expansion to Monster Hunter Tri, several wepon classes were added back to the game and it includes Cross Play between the Wii U and the 3DS.


Monster Hunter has come a long way from the PS2 and is set for release in Japan in September of this year. So far the game has been announced to lots of new features and monsters. Monster Hunter 4 will be more story driven then its predecessors. One of the most anticipated new weapons in the bug staff. A support weapon that draws certain effects from enemies as you hit them in different regions of the body.

From the announcements made, Monster Hunter 4 sounds like it will be a great addition to the franchise.

Animal Crossing – Daily To-Do List for the Everyday Mayor (Part 2)


Hello fellow mayors of Animal Crossing. In our previous post, we started a to-do list to help you optimize your work in managing your crazy, chaotic town. We hope you have your belts buckled and a cup of morning roost from Brewster, because we are going to dive right on in with part 2 of the list!

6. Donate ALL THE THINGS to Blathers at the museum.

HNI_0040_JPGIf you ever find a fossil , or catch a new fish, or new bug, or  new sea critter, or get your hands on a new Mona Lisa, be sure to donate it to the museum. Not only will having a full museum make your town museum much cooler than the rival town museum next door, but you will be greatly rewarded as well! Once you have donated 30 different items to the museum and one of each type (as in, you donated at least one fish, one bug, one painting, and one fossil), you can upgrade your museum by making it bigger. With a bigger museum, you can design your own showcases to impress people who are visiting your town… or you can use the room for extra storage for your junk, same difference.

7. Check Re-Tail for turnip prices, new furniture, and special sales of the day.

Be sure to hit up Reese the llama at Re-Tail. For some reason, she has an endless pool of bells hidden in her shop, so it’s best to take advantage of her. Turnip prices are updated twice everyday. Once at the start of the new acnl-31kturnipsday, and then at 12PM, so be sure to follow up on the prices and make big smackeroos. In addition, Re-Tail will have a new special everyday where Reese will buy items from you at double the price. If you want to make some good bells, be sure to check the sign outside the store to learn what the special of the day is. CHA-CHING!

8. Talk to everyone everyday. Most importantly, Sable, Blathers, and Brewster.

tumblr_lg6n71cdXT1qgm830o1_500Not only will talking will help your social life as a mayor, it can also net you sweet rare items and tools. If you go and talk to Sable from the clothing store everyday for 10 days straight, she will reward by allowing you to use the QR Machine. Speaking to Blathers everyday and he will eventually award you a coffee shop public works called The Roost. Once The Roost is built, if you talk to the barista, Brewster, everyday for a week, he will hire you to work part-time . Who knew talking to people could be so beneficial, makes you want to go out and talk with people, don’t it? Maybe I’ll go do that after another hour of Animal Crossing

9 + 10: Aim for the perfect town status

Since there are so many steps for your town to reach the perfect town status, I combine task 9 and task 10 TOGETHER! SO INTENSE! Well not really, though it could take you while to obtain the perfect town status, it is not very difficult. If your citizen satisfaction manages to reach perfect status, you will gain access to new public works for your town and even a golden watering can. So how do you reach perfect status? Well first, you have 3 requirements that your town must meet. Cleanliness, abundant nature, and abundant living. To fulfill the cleanliness requirement, your town must not have weeds growing, or any items lying around your town (Such as fruits, furniture, garbage). To meet the abundant nature requirement, your town needs to have a lot trees and about 50 different flowers growing in your town. Abundant living is all about how your town feels, things like the camp site and the light house make your towns residents more content.

With a perfect town you can even redesign some of your towns buildings! So… cool.

And that’s that! Hopefully this to-do list will help you keep your town running in tip top shape!
Check out the first part of the check list! : Animal Crossing – A Daily To-Do List for the Everyday Mayor (Part One)
Did we miss anything? Feel free to comment and let us know how you run your town!