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Indie Game Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2


Wayforward’s follow-up to Mighty Switch Force, Mighty Switch Force! 2 , is an interesting game. It is also the only thing on the Nintendo eShop with an indie tag, which made me feel obligated to give it a try.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 is your standard platforming game. You run around saving 5 girls per stage, while racing against the clock. First off the game has no type of story. The level system is a simple menu and every level is called an INCIDENT. At first this made me weary of the game, but after playing for while I came to appreciate it. Especially when I decided I should go back a few levels and try to beat my own time.

Unknown-1The mechanics in Mighty Switch Force! 2 are very simple but execution is where the complexity comes in. You have a water pistol, similar to F.L.U.D.D from Super Mario Sunshine, you use this to put out fires and deal with enemies. The other weapon in your arsenal is the “switcher” on your helmet. It pushes certain blocks from the foreground to the background and vice versa. When you switch a block onto one of your enemies it slams them into the screen killing them, just be careful because this will kill you too, simple but very fun.


When it comes to art, Mighty Switch Force! 2 has it in the bag. The visuals are engaging and the art style is simply fun to look at. The animations are very smooth and I love the tiny details, like the way the switcher lights up when you use it. The music is not amazing, but it is pretty decent. It reminds me of the Super Nintendo Era.

One thing I wish the game did better was use the 3DS’ lower screen . As it stands the screen is used as a radar, and a way to track your progress. My only other complaint is that the game should have some type of story. The world Wayforward created seems very interesting, and I’d love to know whats going on. For example, why are there only women, did all the men kill each other?

Overall, this game is a good time killer. You aren’t going to get much more out of it than mindless fun as you race yourself to the finish of each INCIDENT. The biggest strength of the game is the fact you can simply open up your 3DS and jump into the game. Perfect for breaks at work, or while you wait for some one at a train station.

Remember to keep an eye out for cool easter eggs… like the metroid-esq death animation.

Keep an eye out for the easter egg where you character dies,


Indie Game Review: Evoland Review


Ever wondered what the child spawn of Final Fantasy and Zelda looked like? No? You seriously have no imagination. If you did, then look no further! Indie game developers, Shiro Games have created Evoland! A game that evolves as you play!

This game starts you off in a black and white 8-bit world that will give you a small portion of vision with chests to left and right and only limits your movement to the right (kind of like the old Mega Man games) until you open the chest to the right to unlock movement to move left. Then opening the left chest opens the rest of the games visuals (much like using Flash in Pokémon for those pesky dark caves). From there you traverse through its Zelda like map and find more chests to improve the game.

The point of this game is not only to play through its amazing adventure like style but to also see how video games, much of the Action/Adventure genre, have improved over the past years of its success. Throughout the game you find chests that either include Stars, Cards, for the card game you play in the town, and the many upgrades for the game, such as faster loading speed, music, sound, and even graphical effects!evoland

My favorite part of this game is that there is NO MANA pool for the spells used here. Can you say, HEAL FRENZY!! The NPC’s and Monsters are easily recognizable if you’ve played games like FFVII and Mario. Lots of hidden references to other games, celebrities, even game designers. I really enjoyed this game, and if you have a couple of hours and $10 to spare, pick up Evoland as I give it a 7.5/10. There is nothing better than the feeling of nostalgia, believe me.

Till next time!  \m/

Indie Game Review : Proteus

Created by:
Ed Key and David Kanaga

Proteus is an experience like no other. The music, the graphics, the characters all together sweep you into another world. Every time you enter the game, you can expect a different experience, on a different island with an air of familiarity. To really enjoy the game, you need to go in knowing what not to expect. There is no type of story, no type of score or set up adventure. You are left alone with your thoughts and your interpretation.

At times Proteus can be a very  lonely experience, which makes you appreciate the inhabitants of the island even more. My island was full of top hat wearing frogs, but I read online that other people’s islands had different creatures. There are also the white orbs, they are the closest thing to a game mechanic. When you see them you know change is coming, you know the next season is approaching.

When you go into the game you are, for lack of better explanation, born into the world. As your experience progresses, your brain raises trying to figure out what is what. The 8 bit graphics adds significantly to this effect, you can’t really see detail so you create your own world in your head. A tower is a tower, but is that little knick a door, or is it where the top hat frogs come from? The true power of Proteus is the room it gives people for interpretation, you create your own adventure with what the creators of the game gave you.

Proteus is a game that is very hard to explain to some one who has never experienced it, it is more of a game that you have to see. It is worth the 10 dollars, to share it with a few friends and just reflect on what you took from the game.

A week of Indie Games.


With American Independence day just around the corner… Lowkey Gaming is going to be reviewing an Indie game every day until Independence day.

For those of you who don’t know an Indie game is a game that is produced with out the financial support of a video game publisher. With out having a video game publisher to answer to, indie game developers have much more creative freedom.

The gaming industry has been evolving to make Indie game development more and more attainable. Services like steams Green Light, where members of steam vote on weather or not an Indie Game should be added to the Steam store, have made the indie landscape more viable then ever.

There are also freeware video game engines. These programs make game development attainable to anyone who has the time and dedication to put in to learn the program. A few notable examples of freeware game development software include:

Unity – Game Engine



Along with these programs there are many free and paid tutorials online. Stay tuned for this weeks indie game reviews!