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Humble Bundle – Have fun. Pay whatever. Help the world.


Have you ever wished you could live in some crazy type of world? A world where you can pay what you want for amazing games? A world where you could say, “Hmm.. this iteration of Call of Duty looks like it’s worth 40 dollars, so that’s all I’m going to pay.” Well Humble Bundle and their open ended pricing system may someday usher that in.

While this is based purely on the rose colored speculation of a liberal mind, Humble Bundle has laid down some interesting ground work for a world where you can pay what you want. All the while, raising money for charities like Child’s play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity:water and American Red Cross. The buyer of each bundle can choose how the money from their purchase is split. If you see fit it can all go the the charity or the developer. Humble Bundle has earned more than $50 million dollars, $20 million of which have been donated to charity.

Humble Bundles are different collections of entertainment, primarily video games but not exclusively, where the customer can choose what they want to pay for the products. Humble Bundles last two weeks, over the course of the sale games are usually added making the bundle even more valuable. Don’t worry if you’ve already purchased the bundle before the other games were added you will still have access to them for no additional charge. In order to gain access to everything included with the bundle, you need to pay more than the average, which is often times around 5 dollars. Paying over average will land you additional games as well as other goodies.hib_quick_montage_768_sharp-1

Humble Bundle offers some amazing games, but I personally think their most exciting bundles are their Humble Indie Bundles. In fact, everything about humble bundle screams indie. They are free of connections to big game developers, and take freedom of pricing to a new level by allowing you to set it yourself.

Humble Indie Bundles have been around for a bit and just finished off it’s 9th bundle. Some amazing indie have been offered in these bundles, including Braid, World of Goo, Cave Story + ,Super Meat Boy and most recently Bastion. These bundles don’t end with games, that would be far too simple. Bundles often-times come with goodies like sound tracks, or prototype games from developers such as double fine or team meat.

If are looking to buy some really fun games, and to help raise money for charity all while on a tight budget, be sure to check out . They are currently offering up their second Humble Mobile Bundle with cool games for your android phone or tablet.


Ouya : The Indie Console


Gaming has been around for around 40 years, starting in garages and basements as early as 1947. Video games didn’t really reach mainstream popularity until the 70’s and 80’s and has been growing ever since. Much like movies video games quickly became a part of everyday life for many different cultures. Also much like film, there is a very distinctive sub genre of gaming, indie gaming.

Indie gaming culture is rapidly growing and becoming a significant part of the very intricate gaming industry. Ouya has the unique opportunity to play a critical role in the Indie Gaming revolution. With no one to answer to but the fans, Ouya can flourish if they play their cards right.


imagesOuya was created with two things in mind, indie games and developers. Ouya hit Kickstarter as a campaign to try and gauge how many people would be interested in the project. Over 29 days the console raised around 8.5 million dollars on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, being the second most successful campaign in the websites history.  Ouya holds the record for the single best first day performance of any project ever hosted on kick starter, the little console attracting a backer roughly every 5.5 seconds.

Ouya’s charm comes in the form of just how open to creativity the entire entity is.  It runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it can be rooted very easily. Julie Urman , Ouya’s founder, made it a point to stress the fact that the system is made to be modded. Rooting or modding the console is completely covered under the systems warranty.

The Ouya is freedom. Freedom for developers, freedom for modders, and freedom for gamers.

If the Ouya can overcome the big three and carve a niche in the indie market, it can grow into a force to be reckoned with.


Lowkey Gaming will be focusing on the Ouya with a series of articles highlighting the system, it’s games, and some of the unique opportunities offered by Ouya.

Stay tuned for more information about Ouya.

Indie Game Review : Proteus

Created by:
Ed Key and David Kanaga

Proteus is an experience like no other. The music, the graphics, the characters all together sweep you into another world. Every time you enter the game, you can expect a different experience, on a different island with an air of familiarity. To really enjoy the game, you need to go in knowing what not to expect. There is no type of story, no type of score or set up adventure. You are left alone with your thoughts and your interpretation.

At times Proteus can be a very  lonely experience, which makes you appreciate the inhabitants of the island even more. My island was full of top hat wearing frogs, but I read online that other people’s islands had different creatures. There are also the white orbs, they are the closest thing to a game mechanic. When you see them you know change is coming, you know the next season is approaching.

When you go into the game you are, for lack of better explanation, born into the world. As your experience progresses, your brain raises trying to figure out what is what. The 8 bit graphics adds significantly to this effect, you can’t really see detail so you create your own world in your head. A tower is a tower, but is that little knick a door, or is it where the top hat frogs come from? The true power of Proteus is the room it gives people for interpretation, you create your own adventure with what the creators of the game gave you.

Proteus is a game that is very hard to explain to some one who has never experienced it, it is more of a game that you have to see. It is worth the 10 dollars, to share it with a few friends and just reflect on what you took from the game.

4 ways to make Animal Crossing New Leaf EVEN better.

Animal Crossing is a really great game, but like all great things it can benefit from some simple improvements. Most of these improvements are simple quality of life issues, but some can make the game even more fun than it already is.


1) Fruit should automatically stack in your inventory!

Every 3 days, your little town is going explode with fruit. Apples, oranges, peaches and whatever else you could get your grubby little hands on in your adventures. A mayor is a very busy person, and you’ll be required to carry many different tools to get things done.  It is simply clunky how you have to go into your inventory and manually stack your fruit, Especially if you aren’t using a stylus.

2) A real trading system.


One of Animal Crossings most powerful features is it’s massive community. I find myself playing the game day and night, enjoying myself all the while. This community has led to websites and forums where people can sell their goods online. Even with this great community of awesome people, there are still some con-artists out there. You drop your Bells and they make off with them. If the good people at Nintendo Implemented a simple trading system, this wouldn’t happen any more.

3) Add a back yard, as an expansion!backyardtheme

I love customizing my house in Animal Crossing, and I love the massive collection of stuff available to me in animal crossing. While some things are really cool looking, I often times feel they dont belong inside of my house . It would would look a lot more amazing in my back yard. While the village is essentially all your backyard,  you can’t really customize it to your every whim the way you can your own back yard.

4)  Throwing events


Animal Crossing is an incredibly social game, especially with your animal townspeople. Another amazing mechanic to add to the game would be the ability to throw a party. There could be sometype of event planning shop in the village. Where you have to design and write the invitations, and some times even throw parties for people when they bring it up in casual conversation. It would be a great way to watch your villagers interact and just have a good time with them.