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First Impression Child of Light


From the moment I heard about Child of Light,
I knew that this game would be quite the sight.
The art had me stunned my jaw to the floor,

You really can’t understand until you take a look,
The game it feels like you’re playing a book,
but that wasn’t enough, Ubisoft had tons more.

The game really takes off just as you take flight,
With mechanics that help you have fun in each fight,
Exploration for once doesn’t feel like a chore,

The story it tells is quite the great tale,
You start to believe that Aurora can’t fail,
If you want to learn more here’s what’s in store,

Child of Light is written as a Ballad,
It’s rave reviews are undeniably Valid.
This is the RPG I have been asking for, 

The video review will be up for you soon,
Before Mario Kart 8 which is out close to June,
Until then I’ll be loving this game to it’s core.