Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct

Tons of information was revealed about Mario Kart 8 in an unexpected Nintendo Direct. Anti-gravity racing was explained in much greater detail, including how it changes the mechanics of racing.

On top of that, 4 exciting new items were revealed to the masses. Including the Crazy 8 which gives you 8 different items to use at once. It is unclear exactly how you choose which item to use, it is likely cyclical.

Lastly a roster of 30 characters has been announced in the upcoming Mario Kart title. In addition to 7 Koopalings, baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach were added to the game. Sadly, no mention of my personal favorite Dry Bones.

In classic Nintendo Style there is an awesome incentive to buy and register the game, free games of course.



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About Tony Rivera

An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

2 responses to “Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct”

  1. Joseph Skyrim says :

    So… off the top of your head, how many games does Mario appear in now? Not bad for a mustached plumber! 😛

    • Tony Rivera says :

      Haha…Joseph honestly off the top of my head I said some where around 20 or 30. But I was proven way wrong when a Google search proved he has made appearances in over 130 games..

      Maybe I should grow a mustache.

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