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Ever since the OUYA was announced that faithful day on Kickstarter, its main stance was one about freedom – both software and hardware wise. While the system didn’t exactly deliver on this promise when it came to hardware, the people at OUYA are desperately trying to deliver on the software aspect of this promise.

While not exactly perfect, OUYA‘s Free the Games Fund is definitely a step in the right direction. Announced in July of 2013 the Free the Games Fund is a pretty straight forward way to get your game onto the OUYA. The developer starts  a Kickstarter campaign following some guidelines put in place by OUYA. If said campaign attains its goal, of at least $10,000, the people at OUYA will match the money raised, up to $250,000. While this sounds pretty attractive it isn’t totally free. Titles funded by OUYA must not be on any  mobile device, video game console, or set-top box besides the OUYA for a 6 month period. This 6-month period doesn’t apply to  Linux, Mac OS, or Windows so developers are free to release their games on those platforms immediately.towerfallj

The Free the Game Fund hit the scene pretty hard but was almost immediately plagued by scandals. Developers found ways to exploit the system by putting loads of their own money into their campaigns in an attempt to get more money back from OUYA . There was even a case of a campaign being started under the name of a missing person, for no known reason. These scandalous happenings caused OUYA to change some rules about the fund,  eventually dropping the required funds raised from $50,000 to $10,000.

The Free the Games Fund is less than half way through it’s run, ending in August of 2014. There is really no telling what will come from the Free the Games Fund but hopefully a few good games will come from it. The only way to find out is to keep an eye on OUYA.

For more information check out : www.freethegamesfund.com Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some of the games that are part of Free the Games Fund.


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