Ouya: The games.




The OUYA boasts a sizable game library considering how relatively new it is to the market. With its open source library and how easily it can be rooted, Emulators have found a permanent home on the OUYA. In fact, when you look at the top selling games for the system you’ll notice that a good number of them are emulators. While it imagescan’t play current gen games, it is still fun to see your old school emulators back on the television where they belong.

The biggest challenge the little system faces is finding support from developers. While the OUYA is a very interesting option, with none of the muck that can drag down an indie game on a big console, it still looks less lucrative than the big consoles. What it comes down to is the fact that PS3,Xbox360 and Wii have much larger audiences and have been on the scene far too long.

Even in the shadow of the 3 major systems OUYA still has some support from big names. Some believers.  Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward Announced an OUYA Exclusive game even before the system was released.  Bowling’s Human Element is set to be released in 2015. The game takes place 35 years after an event involving a zombie apocalypse. The game had so much online buzz that it was announced that there will be episodic prequels to the game on the OUYA, detailing the events up to the actual game.


While Bowing’s studio, Robotoki, is one of few exclusives other major studios also took heed to the OUYA. Square Enix announced that FFiii would be made available as a launch title for OUYA. Namco Bandai also said they’d be bringing several games to the system. While these aren’t exactly exclusives the support of major developers is still a great stepping stone for the OUYA.

The biggest barrier between the OUYA and success is it’s game library. You can never have to many great games on a system, and thus far the OUYA seems to be suffering from a lack of them. WIth enough support from developers OUYA can, and will go very far.

Stay tuned for information about how OUYA is helping developers make great games for them.



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