Ouya: Whats inside



At only 99 dollars the tech in the Ouya is nothing to be scoffed at. The tiny titan boasts a Quad-core 1.7 Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore and Nvidia Geforce ULP. While you aren’t going to see the amazing graphics and performance you get from the big three, it is still formidable considering the price point.

If the 8 GB of internal storage out of the box aren’t enough, you can always expand it with removable storage. Ouya displays via HDMI to a television and can support 1080p, 1080i and 720p depending on the games. A lot of reviews have complained about the quality of the remote controller, luckily the Ouya can work with XBOX 360 or PS3 controllers. The only catch is that the developer must allow it in the game.


Ouya isn’t only for playing, every system can be used as a developer’s kit. The 2.95 inch cube can also easily be taken apart, since the screws are right on top of the device.

Although the system isn’t cutting edge when it comes to technology the price point is hard to beat. Most other devices with similar hardware run anywhere from $199 to around $400, and these devices aren’t dedicated gaming systems.


Stay tuned to learn more about the Ouya, its games, and what it can offer to developers.


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An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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  1. Only Matt says :

    When the next version comes out. will this on cost 50$

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