Indie Game Review : Knights of Pen and Paper


Knights of Pen and Paper puts an interesting spin on classic role playing games of both the table top and video variety. You start out at a long table and an odd looking man standing on one side of it. Across from him sit 5 empty chairs.  In Knights of Pen and Paper you are playing as a group of friends who are playing a table top RPG.


Character creation is pretty standard, except for the few things that make it extremely weird. You get to choose the person playing the character and the class that person chooses. Here’s an example to help shed some light on the situation. The Grandma character gets 10% more threat due to her Loud passive, this has great synergy with the paladin tank class. So I currently have a very loud, very old woman playing as the tank in my game. There are a lot of other character types to choose from, each one having different in game perks covering everything from +10% experience ,for the new guy Mr. John,  to 50% discount on blacksmith upgrades for Paris the compulsive shopper.

One pretty bad thing about Knights of Pen and Paper is that there is absolutely no explanation about anything. You don’t know how threat works or how spell damage works. You don’t know what buttons do what, you’re just thrown blindly into the game. Albeit a very simple concept to pick up, it can get annoying at first.


The art in Knights of Pen and Paper is what initially drew me to it. Classic 8 bit sprites with interesting environments. The battle animations aren’t too flashy, sticking to the theme of a classic table top games. I particularly enjoy the world map. It is reminiscent of the map in Super Mario 3, nothing to detailed just an odd picture and a surprise when you arrive.


The music in Knights of Pen and Paper is nothing to be scoffed at either. Both the battle and world screen music is fun to listen to and helps to keep things moving along. I particularly like the music that plays in the tavern.
There is an entire other layer of game to Knights of Pen and Paper. The game room. You use gold earned in game to buy things to decorate the room or snacks for your party. Decorations have permanent effects to things like gold earned or damage done while food has similar effects that last some where around 15 minutes. Using room decorations and snacks are very important as you progress in the game, I don’t know what I’d do with out sushi.The simple to pickup, but hard to master battle system in Knights of Pen and Paper is a wonderful call back to classic RPGs with one big difference. Strategy is king. While often times as a child I could simply attack my way through crowds of beasties, Knights of Pen and Paper takes some real planning.

knightsofpenandpaper2First of all, if you don’t build threat on your tank your entire party will die pretty fast. Even with your Paladin tanking and your healers trying to keep him alive, if you don’t mitigate a good amount of damage your tank will die. To do this you need to pay attention to move order and try to lock down as many of your opponents as possible. This takes a decent amount of strategy as you try and maximize your damage output and keep your team alive.

Knights of Pen and Paper is a very fun game and defiantly worth a look at. It is available on both Android and iOS along with steam for your PC.


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    waiting for the free app…

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