A series of short reviews: Monster Manor

Monster Manor


Monster Manor, in my opinion, is by far the best StreetPass Nintendo has right now. You start your adventure as an private eye looking for his or her missing assistant. Using a letter she left for you, you find her in what looks like a rather haunted manor. Before you know it a giant skeletal hand is dragging you into the house and bam you’re neck deep in adventure.

Monster Manor plays a lot like a turn based RPG game, mixed with a very slow paced game of Tetris. Every time you get a street pass, the person comes with a colored piece made out of square tiles. The color of the piece is determined by the color of the Mii’s shirt. These pieces are parts of a map, and when put together, they will fill in the game map. If you connect two pieces that are the same color in a square shape, at least 2×2, you will find a room. A room can have a chest, a magical green orb for combining items, or one of your street passes with gifts.

There is an entire leveling system for your weapons, along with elements and abilities on your weapons. One really cool ability involves instantly allowing your weapon to reload, which feels very powerful.

So far I’ve noticed a major down side to the weapon system is that there is no real incentive to try different weapons. In fact, when you level up a weapon early on, it is hard to get other weapons to work for you against some of the monsters. You end up doing 1 damage consistently and nearly die to a weak monster. Hopefully this problem improves as i progress.


Most fights in Monster Manor are random encounters with anything from a bat to a skeletal puppy and some spooky stuff in between. Every few floors you will face a boss, which can be pretty difficult at times. It is suggested that you bring a friend with you to boss fights, when you street pass with someone who also has the game, there is a chance they will join you.

Monster Manor is a very fun game, it uses street pass to it’s full potential and can even be a stand-alone game, with a few adjustments. If you can only buy one game from the four new StreetPass titles, I’d say Monster Manor is the best choice.


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