A series of short reviews : Flower Town

Flower Town


Flower Town is an interesting use of street pass. You spend your tending to potted plants and keeping your garden up to snuff. While this sounds like a mind numbingly boring game, it is actually far more involved than one would think.

Flower Town plays more like a sim than its other StreetPass brethren. Every time you pass someone, they will visit your garden to look at your plant and show off their own flower. They aren’t simply visiting, your plant and theirs have an interesting encounter involving pollination. Your plant gains a germinated seed that is a hybrid of the two plants. All the information about your new plant can be found in your plant journal.

After your plant is grown to full-size, and you’ve gathered all the seeds, you can place it in your garden. The garden has a good amount of customization to make it look exactly how you want it to.

To make money in Flower Town you can do one of several things. You can sell your seeds, sell your plants, or grab a job at the local flower shop which also involves selling your flowers.

Flower Town is far from perfect and won’t be winning any awards, it is still a decent and interesting game. I’d say if you plan on getting all four games you may as well bundle them and grab Flower Town too.


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