A series of short Reviews: StreetPass

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With Nintendo last major StreetPass update, they added a few particularly interesting games. By a few, I mean 4, and by interesting, I mean fun. These games go for 5 dollars a pop or 15 dollars for all four if you buy them in a bundle.

Overall these games are pretty fun to play and a great use of the 3Ds StreetPass functionality.

Mii Force:


Mii force is a very fun and slightly challenging space shooter game. You play the role of a commander and every StreetPass Mii you get is a pod. These different pods work as weapons whose type is determined by the color of the Mii’s shirt.

You have four points on your ship where a pod can attach. If the four pods are full, any additional pods you get can be placed under them to level up the main pod. Even if all four slots aren’t filled you can level them up, just keep in mind one of your four shooter slots will be empty. Leveling your firepower will increase attributes like range , power, or speed of your projectiles. They never completely change how a weapon works, so don’t expect to turn a laser into some type of missile.


Mii force plays alot like your standard Galaga game. Dodge and shoot, destroying as many foes as you can.  What differentiates Mii Force is the ability to rotate the pods around you changing their positions as needed. Every time your ship takes damage from one of your colorful foes you lose and pod and therefore a weapon or a level on a weapon. When you are out of pods, you are out of weapons and forced to retreat.  The more people you StreetPass the more pods you get and the more powerful you become.

The StreetPass interactions are pretty fun too. You get to see leader boards and compare them against people who also have the game. You can see your score and compare it to people, some times seeing just how awesome you are compared to the people you walk by in the streets.

Mii Force is a great StreetPass game and definitely worth the 5 dollars. It is a lot of fun to play and actually has some story to it.

Warriors Way:


Warriors Way is another great game available to download in your StreetPass plaza. If you are familiar with Find Mii and Find Mii II , you will feel right at home playing Warriors Way. You take the role of a King who’s main goal is to take over the world. Your 3DS holds your entire army and every time you pass some one with a 3DS, any one they’ve ever gotten a StreetPass from joins your army. If they also play Warriors Way, they are considered roaming monarchs. When you encounter a roaming monarch you can either challenge them, or greet them peacefully. If you challenge the roaming monarch and win you gain their entire army as your own. A loss wont cost you your entire army, only a few troops.

When you start up Warriors way, there is some minor customization to choose from. You are asked a few questions to gather some information about your Kings character, and then asked to choose the theme of your army and castle.

You can choose from one of three castle themes; Medieval , Shogun , or Futuristic. These themes aren’t in any way shape or form like choosing a class, they are simply for aesthetics. Your troops will look different  but will still only have three different types.


Warriors Way shines is in it’s very simple to pickup battle system.  Your troops are split into three different types, and each type is assigned to either rock, paper, or scissors. The game plays out like your average game of RPS, just with a twist involving massive numbers. If you are rock and you face a scissors force, since you have a type advantage their troops are essentially cut in half. So if you face 15,000 rock types with 7,600 paper types you will have the advantage and win that round. The game i s very easy to learn, but it takes a certain amount of skill to actually win fights especially against larger armies.  Keep  in mind that the game isn’t always so black and white, to keep the game interesting there are some different elements thrown at you.

Warriors way is a very fun Mii Game and is very easy to just pick up and play, once you have your castle set up. There are times you just want to keep conquering, but you can only do it when you have new troops. This is easily solved with some play coins, but people may consider a blockade like this bad design. Even with it’s down sides, this game is absolutely worth the 5 dollars Nintendo is charging for it.


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An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

2 responses to “A series of short Reviews: StreetPass”

  1. Only Matt says :

    Mii force is the one that i want to get. i just wish i had more people around me that i knew i would be able to StreetPass with. i will have to try that new rely thing they are doing.

    • Tony Rivera says :

      Mii force is lots of fun but you should really try out monster manor it’s awsome. Since I live in the NYC area… I have no shortage of street passes. Maybe you try taking your 3ds around with you… You’d be surprised how many street passes you can get in a trip to a game stop or comic shop.

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