Animal Crossing – Daily To-Do List for the Everyday Mayor (Part 2)


Hello fellow mayors of Animal Crossing. In our previous post, we started a to-do list to help you optimize your work in managing your crazy, chaotic town. We hope you have your belts buckled and a cup of morning roost from Brewster, because we are going to dive right on in with part 2 of the list!

6. Donate ALL THE THINGS to Blathers at the museum.

HNI_0040_JPGIf you ever find a fossil , or catch a new fish, or new bug, or  new sea critter, or get your hands on a new Mona Lisa, be sure to donate it to the museum. Not only will having a full museum make your town museum much cooler than the rival town museum next door, but you will be greatly rewarded as well! Once you have donated 30 different items to the museum and one of each type (as in, you donated at least one fish, one bug, one painting, and one fossil), you can upgrade your museum by making it bigger. With a bigger museum, you can design your own showcases to impress people who are visiting your town… or you can use the room for extra storage for your junk, same difference.

7. Check Re-Tail for turnip prices, new furniture, and special sales of the day.

Be sure to hit up Reese the llama at Re-Tail. For some reason, she has an endless pool of bells hidden in her shop, so it’s best to take advantage of her. Turnip prices are updated twice everyday. Once at the start of the new acnl-31kturnipsday, and then at 12PM, so be sure to follow up on the prices and make big smackeroos. In addition, Re-Tail will have a new special everyday where Reese will buy items from you at double the price. If you want to make some good bells, be sure to check the sign outside the store to learn what the special of the day is. CHA-CHING!

8. Talk to everyone everyday. Most importantly, Sable, Blathers, and Brewster.

tumblr_lg6n71cdXT1qgm830o1_500Not only will talking will help your social life as a mayor, it can also net you sweet rare items and tools. If you go and talk to Sable from the clothing store everyday for 10 days straight, she will reward by allowing you to use the QR Machine. Speaking to Blathers everyday and he will eventually award you a coffee shop public works called The Roost. Once The Roost is built, if you talk to the barista, Brewster, everyday for a week, he will hire you to work part-time . Who knew talking to people could be so beneficial, makes you want to go out and talk with people, don’t it? Maybe I’ll go do that after another hour of Animal Crossing

9 + 10: Aim for the perfect town status

Since there are so many steps for your town to reach the perfect town status, I combine task 9 and task 10 TOGETHER! SO INTENSE! Well not really, though it could take you while to obtain the perfect town status, it is not very difficult. If your citizen satisfaction manages to reach perfect status, you will gain access to new public works for your town and even a golden watering can. So how do you reach perfect status? Well first, you have 3 requirements that your town must meet. Cleanliness, abundant nature, and abundant living. To fulfill the cleanliness requirement, your town must not have weeds growing, or any items lying around your town (Such as fruits, furniture, garbage). To meet the abundant nature requirement, your town needs to have a lot trees and about 50 different flowers growing in your town. Abundant living is all about how your town feels, things like the camp site and the light house make your towns residents more content.

With a perfect town you can even redesign some of your towns buildings! So… cool.

And that’s that! Hopefully this to-do list will help you keep your town running in tip top shape!
Check out the first part of the check list! : Animal Crossing – A Daily To-Do List for the Everyday Mayor (Part One)
Did we miss anything? Feel free to comment and let us know how you run your town!


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