Animal Crossing – A Daily To-Do List for the Everyday Mayor (Part One)

Being a mayor in a town of crazy villagers is not easy work. It’s hard to remember all the daily tasks you’ve got to do everyday in order to keep your town the very best. So to ease the stress for all you mayors out there, here is a handy-dandy to-do list to help your town to stay afloat, and your pockets full of bells!

1. Shake all the trees in your town.

At the start of everyday, there will be 2 trees that will have furniture in them (don’t ask how they got there), 5 trees that will have beehives, and many other trees that will drop small amount of bells. The beehives will sell for 500 bells each, and if you’re super pro, catching the bees with your net can ‘net’ you 2,500 bells each. Better get shaking!

Darker trees are fruit trees, they only drop fruit.

Darker trees are fruit trees, they only drop fruit.

2. Hit all the rocks in your town with a shovel.

On the start of a new day, go look for all the rocks in your town. If you find a rock, be sure to pull your shovel out and beat the crap out of it. Chances are, it could be a money rock or an ore rock! If it is a money rock, keep hitting it! If you hit it fast enough, you can earn up to 20,000 bells! And if it is an ore rock, you can sell the ores for extra money, or make new furniture with it with Cyrus at Re-Tail.

3. Dig up all x-marks on the ground.

Everyday, your town will spawn 4 fossils and a pit-fall on the ground. And if it rained or snowed on the day before, the ground will spawn gyroids for you to collect. Dig Dig Dig!

4. Go to the Island.
The store on the island has a new selection of exclusive items everyday, sometimes they will display a very rare item that won’t ever show up again for weeks! So be sure to check it out everyday to find the next rare furniture for your collection. Also after 7 pm, the island would start to spawn giant beetles for you to catch. Be sure to spent some time to go and catch them to make glorious amounts of bells!

Kappa’n loves taking you to the island for adventure!

5. Buy out all the good from the stores on main street.

Buying out everything might sound daunting for the new mayors out there, but you will be greatly rewarded if you do

  •  From the flower shop, buy the flower seeds and the tree sapling everyday. If you buy 50 tree saplings from the store, you would be awarded a GOLDEN AXE, which is an axe that will never break ! And if you manage to buy 50 flower seeds, you will be awarded a silver watering can, which allows you to water flowers way faster!
  • Buy out the Able Sisters stock everyday! Once you have spent 8000 bells there, the shoe store Kicks will open. After that, once you buy enough clothing or shoes from both the sisters and from Kicks to accumulate 10,000 bells, the hair salon Shampoodle will open!
  •  Clean the raccoons at the Nookling Junction out! Spent 12,000 bells at their store, and they’ll renovate their shack into a convenience store. After that, spent 25,000 at their store to upgrade it to a supermarket.         Once the supermarket is built, spend 50,000 bells to upgrade it to a home center. Finally, spent 100,000 bells on goods to build an enormous department center. Remember people, bigger is better!

That’s it for now folks! Stay tuned for the next post where we will go into part two of the to-do list. A mayor’s job is never done!

Check out part two of this post!  Animal Crossing – Daily To-Do List for the Everyday Mayor (Part 2)


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