From the Library: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

Now THIS is an amazing JRPG! This gem had it all. A beautiful, if not, an immersive story line that took you on a glorious journey. Down to earth, and hearty characters, and the traditional RPG turn based fighting. If you remember this game, it probably changed your life. I know it changed mine .

The game focuses on a young individual by the name of Alex, and he is inspired to be the next hero and Dragon Master, much like Lunar’s previous hero, Dragon Master Dyne. Dyne’s gravestone is located in Burg, where Alex, along with his friends, Nall, Ramus and Luna live. Alex spends most, if not, his entire time, visiting Dyne’s gravestone. Nall is Alex’s companion, think, cat with wings, although, don’t call him that. Nall hates being compared to cats. Luna is an outstanding singer who’s beautiful voice, may lull you to sleep. Eat your heart out, Jigglypuff. Ramus is a jolly character who wants to explore the world beyond Burg but is held back by his father. Ramus lost his mother and his father doesn’t want to lose his son. Makes sense. Alex goes with his friends to a nearby cave which is said to house one of the four dragons that are commanded by the Dragon Master himself, the White Dragon. They visit the White Dragon and after meeting him, Ramus asks the White Dragon for a Dragon Diamond, which is what Ramus really came for. The White Dragon has no idea why humans find it to be worth of any value seeing as the diamonds comes from his shi… err, let’s skip that part for now. Now with the diamond in hand, Ramus tried to sell it in Burg, but seeing as how the Shop keeper doesn’t really have the money to buy it, he tells Ramus to sell it in the City of Meribia located across the sea. I can’t really spoil the game for you more than I can, you’re going to have to play it. Believe me, you’re going to love it.

Now this game, possibly, has all the story genres. Drama, Action, Comedy, you name it. It’s what makes an RPG compelling and memorable. This game was originally for the Sega Saturn and then ported to the Playstation for a cinematic reboot. What does that mean? Well, the Sega Saturn had it’s glorious cutscenes revamped with the smoother cinematic and much better disc technology by the capabilities of the Playstation. Over 20 new voice actors took part in this version and the catchy music along with the remarkable singing used here is impeccable by far. There were a few remakes for the game after the Playstation version for the Gameboy Advanced and the Sony PSP but make no mistake, they can never recreate an instant classic that is the Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. I remember buying this game at my local KB Toys a while back in 2000 and remembering how cool the game was going to be. Good thing I was right. This was literally my first RPG that I have bought and beaten on my own. Took me forever, but my knowledge on these kind of games were very limited at that time. In lay mans terms, I was too stupid to figure it out, hah!

Not going to lie though, I wasn’t expecting a great game to explode out of that tiny little box when I got my hands on it. The epic love story between Alex and Luna is down right beautiful and makes such a remarkable impact on the game. The friends they meet along the way are very loveable. Jessica’s short fuse, Mia’s shyness, Nash’s good looks, Kyle’s brawn, even Nall’s humor is endearing. With friends like these, I always feel like I can take on the world. I can really say that if you see this game, or have a friend that has it, I recommend picking it up. You can probably find the emulated version and play that too! Though the experience may not be the same. From me, this game gets an easy 10/10 all the way around. An absolute favorite and an instant win.

Til next time. \m/


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