Belinton… up and coming!


Dear Diary,

This morning, as I walked through Belinton, rushing over to City Hall to meet with Isabelle, I had an interesting relavation. As Belinton develops and my responsibilities as mayor grows, I get more and more busy. Lately, I have been coming home and falling asleep before I could even get to write in my diary. This was a bittersweet realization, but I love watching and helping the town develop.

HNI_0081_JPGAfter a long wait, Club LoL finally opened up! The first time I entered, they were just finishing construction. Sweeping up sawdust and revving up a massive floor polisher to make sure the place was in tip-top shape for opening night. Dr. Shrunk was standing at the door engrossed in his work as I arrived, but he of course gave me some attention eventually. I found out that he used to be a stand-up comic, and he was happy to share some of his material with me. Before I left, he even gave me a copy of his joke book. So far my favorite goes something like this.

“People have been making apocalypse jokes like it’s the end of the world”. That joke literally made me laugh out loud.



Down the street from the new Club LoL, there were some changes in the works. The Nook boys were able to afford yet another expansion to their store! It is pretty amazing that in my short time as Mayor, they have already been able to expand twice. Their new store is amazing, but the hours are a little disappointing. I’ll just be sure to have everything I need from them before they close at 8.



Timmy andTommy aren’t the only ones doing well, the Able sisters’ store has had a fair amount ofexpansions all it’s own. Kicks opened up the other day, their shoes and socks are out of this world. I never thought I’d be so happy to find a pair of hiking boots. A new shop is under construction above the Able sisters’ shop, according to Sable, it’s going to be a hair salon named Shampoodle. I am pretty excited to get my haircut, I haven’t had one since I moved to Belinton. I sure hope the villagers will recognize me with my new look.

While on the topic of Sable, I finally got some use out of the fancy sewing machine her sisters got her. It seems like it can get patterns from anywhere! It is amazing the kind of things modern technology can do. With a few simple clicks, Sable can make anything! She even let me have a copy of the catalog so I can figure out what I want next!HNI_0092_JPG

I am so happy with where Belinton is going, but there is always more to do and more to get done! I sure hope I am the man who can bring Belinton to its full potential!


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