Flashback: Breath of Fire SNES

Anytime I am asked about the first game I really loved, my mind instantly goes to Breath of Fire for the SNES. I remember the day my aunt bought it for me. I was 6, and I remember I needed help from my mother with the game since there was a whole lot of reading to be done. At one point I got so upset that I cried because I was unable to even leave the first room. It felt like a journey just getting started with the game, but my little mind was about to be blown by the epicness that is Breath of Fire.

Nostalgia makes it hard for me to really know if Breath of Fire was a good game, but what I can be sure of is that it is quite a memorable game.


*Keep in mind there will be some spoilers*

The adventure starts with Ryu being rudely awakened from his slumber by a dragon attack. Your sister, Sara, informs you and the members of your village that they stand no chance against the dragons’ siege. In one fell swoop, Sara turns the entire town to stone, leaving to face down the dragons herself. Before her departure she whispers into your ear ,”Be strong. When you’re a warrior, you’ll bring peace to the world.”

Sara is captured as soon as she leaves the town, and left to face the Dark Dragons by herself. Sara tries reasoning with the Dark Dragons, asking them why they are attacking her village. Jade, the Dark Dragons commander, tells her they are only following orders to “Destroy all Light Dragons”.


Hearing this sends Sara into a blind rage, and a lightning bolt down onto commander Jade. During the encounter Jade reveals that his leader, Zog , has come into possession of the ‘Goddess Keys’. Sara is shocked by the news, but before she could find out what Zog plans on doing with the keys… Jade strikes Sara down.

After her defeat, the spell Sara cast on the towns people fades, turning them into flesh and blood again. With the town in shambles, Ryu is forced to go on a journey and try and avenge his sister.


The battle system in Breath of Fire is your average turn based fighting system. The UI is pretty clean and easy to follow, and the effects are pretty decent for the Super Nintendo. While nothing about the game is groundbreaking or original, it was still a great game and fun to play.

With a party of 8 people, it is often times hard to choose exactly which 3 characters you want at any given time. Some characters are of course far more viable than others, but everyone plays a role. Interesting enough there are out of combat skills available as well. The main character for example can fish when ever you see some fish floating around in the pond or river. This is a really good way to get gold in the game and you’ll find your self going out of your way for fish.

5427524_stdOne of the best parts of the fighting system in breath of fire was the ability to transform. Transformations added a whole other level to the gameplay, making it all feel even more epic. Turning into a dragon to kill anything is a lot of fun, especially as a 6 year old.

From a gigantic cyclops stone robot to an awesome easter egg involving Street Fighter, the game definitely had a lot of charm that kept me enthralled as a kid.  All in all, Breath of Fire for the SNES was a great game, and I am happy it was the first RPG game I ever really played.


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