Indie game review : The Yawhg


Wyverns The Yawhg is a choose your own adventure game with some interesting RPG elements. In The Yawhg you are living the life of which ever character you have chosen, going to one of a few places. Every time you visit and choose a task, you gain certain stats. After gaining your stats, one of many randomized events happen. Everything from being attacked by leeches to being asked to help the king with his marital issues.Unknown

On the surface the game is very simply fun, kind of like watching a movie or reading a book. As you play it a few times you see some situations that come up and basically measure your stats. For example using your magic to quell an army of leeches heading for the city’s water supply.

If your magic is too low, you will not be able to destroy the leeches and they will disappear into the water. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal, you will notice as you play through the lives of other characters, that the leech event effected the entire games world.

imagesAfter the leech scourge is released into the world, you are always in danger of feeling its wrath. When you go into the forest to chop some wood, you might find a man being devoured by leeches. When you go to work in the fields leeches might attack you by the waters edge. In all of these events you stats are measured and the out come of your choice depends on your stats. This makes for some very interesting gameplay.

When you are faced with a situation that you don’t have enough stats or wealth to deal with, you want to get there again with the right stats. The beauty of it is that you can only get there with a healthy serving of luck.

It is very fun watching as your decisions throughout the game help decide the fate of the story for each character. Some times you spend your life as a doctor then The Yawhg comes and you end up being mauled by a were wolf in the forest while running away from the pain of dead patients.

UnknownThe only downside to the Yawhg is the fact that it is sometimes repetitive. You see similar situations and can predict what will happen with decent accuracy. This has a large impact on the replay value of the game. If they added some more variance to the games situations, it would be an overall better game. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very fun game but it can get old pretty fast.

Even if you’ve beaten it several times, it is still fun to watch your friends play it and watch their reactions. Some of the situations in the game are very dark, so keep an eye out for them they happen to be my favorite.

images images-3
13 images-1

The art in the The Yawhg reminds me of a childrens book. The colors are simple and the visuals are not too detailed, but the art still has the refreshing quality of nostalgia. It almost reminds me of one of those old paper back books sold at dollar stores with golden binding. The music is very fitting for the game, very simple but nice to listen to.

All together, I would say The Yawhg is a game every one should take a look at. It could use some improvements, but as it stands it is very fun and refreshing to play. Though short, it is a lot of fun going through the story with some one, or alone. Gather 10 dollars with some friends, and see if you can survive when The Yawhg attacks. Available on PC.


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