Indie Game Review : Awesomenauts


Ronimo Games’Awesomenauts is the perfect cross between an old school platformer and a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA. Awesomenauts is a 2D MOBA where you spend your time doing one of three things, killing minions, killing towers or killing other players. If you haven’t noticed, the game is all about killing stuff. Killing stuff and having awesome amounts of fun!

AwesomenautsWinChart1You kill masses of droids, as you defend your tower from their onslaught. These droids drop the games currency, solar. Solar is used to buy upgrades for your characters skills, and you use these abilities to destroy your opponents. The overall goal of each match is to eventually make it into your enemies base, and destroy their drill.

While it sounds like your average MOBA, it has a certain charm that helps it stand out among better known MOBAs, like League of Legends and DoTA. First off, as you wait to respawn there is a small mini game, where your character gets dropped in and you get to gather some solar. This helps the character stay competitive even after dying a few too many times.

The second major asset to this game is it’s very fun platforming. It literally adds another dimension to the play, even while you are shooting and chasing you need to keep in mind your opponent can jump out of the way. If you don’t master platforming in Awesomenauts, you are going to die very often.


Then theres the upgrade system. While in other MOBAs there are a bunch of items to learn about and optimization to figure out, in Awesomenauts, things aren’t nearly as complex. Each characters abilities are enhanced by items in a very straight forward kind of way. If an item is going to enhance your characters attack speed, it will simply say it, no stats to figure out.

All of these mechanics would be pointless if they weren’t brought to life with the games interesting cast. The art and music for the game reminds me of old school WB11 cartoons. Everything about the game is pretty polished, especially the cool music for each characters selection screen.


For around 10 dollars on Xbox,Ps3, PC, Mac and Linux this game is a whole lot of fun for some one prefers a little more action from their online PVP games. Anyone interested in fast paced platforming or MOBAs should give Awesomenauts a chance.


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