Indie Game Review: DLC Quest

Today we dive into Going Loud Studio’s, DLC Quest where, to me, it mocks another game company such as *cough* EA Games *cough* for its bad habit of releasing an incomplete game and selling you the rest of the game later by calling it, Downloadable Content (DLC for short). But that’s enough about this Bad Company. HAH! Saw what I did there? Bad Company is a game released by EA Games and I’m calling… them a… *ahem* Moving on.

DLC Quest literally is like, an hour long game at most, forty five minutes at best, but it’s nothing short of entertaining. This cutesy, pixelated  platformer will have you going around the level collecting DLC packs and coins, which is the ingame currency to buy the DLC. Stuff like, Jumping, animation effects are all DLC. Surprisingly the NPC’s gave me quite the laugh with it’s quirky dialogue.

You also get achievements, or as they call it Awardments, throughout the game and you guessed it, they don’t do anything for you. Even though this game is very short in itself, I really have to say that it was quite the treat to play, and again, I really enjoyed this one! For $4.00 on Steam and Xbox Live, you really can’t beat that price, especially when it comes with a second game.

Live Freemium or Die! is the next game and this one is a bit longer (I have yet to beat it though). This time, you have more choices for DLC with stuff that really improves your game. Isn’t that what DLC is all about? I’m looking at you EA! So go on ahead guys, and give it a go, seriously, this game is really fun!


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