Indie Game Review: Evoland Review


Ever wondered what the child spawn of Final Fantasy and Zelda looked like? No? You seriously have no imagination. If you did, then look no further! Indie game developers, Shiro Games have created Evoland! A game that evolves as you play!

This game starts you off in a black and white 8-bit world that will give you a small portion of vision with chests to left and right and only limits your movement to the right (kind of like the old Mega Man games) until you open the chest to the right to unlock movement to move left. Then opening the left chest opens the rest of the games visuals (much like using Flash in Pokémon for those pesky dark caves). From there you traverse through its Zelda like map and find more chests to improve the game.

The point of this game is not only to play through its amazing adventure like style but to also see how video games, much of the Action/Adventure genre, have improved over the past years of its success. Throughout the game you find chests that either include Stars, Cards, for the card game you play in the town, and the many upgrades for the game, such as faster loading speed, music, sound, and even graphical effects!evoland

My favorite part of this game is that there is NO MANA pool for the spells used here. Can you say, HEAL FRENZY!! The NPC’s and Monsters are easily recognizable if you’ve played games like FFVII and Mario. Lots of hidden references to other games, celebrities, even game designers. I really enjoyed this game, and if you have a couple of hours and $10 to spare, pick up Evoland as I give it a 7.5/10. There is nothing better than the feeling of nostalgia, believe me.

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