Indie Game Review : Proteus

Created by:
Ed Key and David Kanaga

Proteus is an experience like no other. The music, the graphics, the characters all together sweep you into another world. Every time you enter the game, you can expect a different experience, on a different island with an air of familiarity. To really enjoy the game, you need to go in knowing what not to expect. There is no type of story, no type of score or set up adventure. You are left alone with your thoughts and your interpretation.

At times Proteus can be a very  lonely experience, which makes you appreciate the inhabitants of the island even more. My island was full of top hat wearing frogs, but I read online that other people’s islands had different creatures. There are also the white orbs, they are the closest thing to a game mechanic. When you see them you know change is coming, you know the next season is approaching.

When you go into the game you are, for lack of better explanation, born into the world. As your experience progresses, your brain raises trying to figure out what is what. The 8 bit graphics adds significantly to this effect, you can’t really see detail so you create your own world in your head. A tower is a tower, but is that little knick a door, or is it where the top hat frogs come from? The true power of Proteus is the room it gives people for interpretation, you create your own adventure with what the creators of the game gave you.

Proteus is a game that is very hard to explain to some one who has never experienced it, it is more of a game that you have to see. It is worth the 10 dollars, to share it with a few friends and just reflect on what you took from the game.


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About Tony Rivera

An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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