A REALLY Early Morning in..


Dear Diary,

Today was a pretty exciting day in Belinton. After the unveiling of two public works, the garden and the bridge, Isabella thought it would be a great idea to do more. Even before the sun was out this morning she was at my door picking me up to scope out the location of the new campsite in Belinton. Isabella explained that it would bring more people to Belinton and give them a chance to fall in love with the village.


I was still in my pajamas when I left the house, but we searched for the perfect spot anyway. Even after some mishaps… we found the spot for the campsite and I got all the paperwork filled out, just before the sun rose.

After a busy morning, I decided to take the rest of the day off. Garrus came down to see the new garden which he thought was very nice. The two of us decided to visit Reese at the Re-Tail shop, maybe sell her a few baskets of apples. We were greeted by her husband Cyrus. He thanked me for doing so much business with Reese, and told us about the services he offers. I am excited to refurbish some of my furniture.HNI_0059_JPG

To avoid the rain Garrus and I decided to take a trip over to Tortimor Island. Kappa’n arrived at the docks with a bit of a surprise. One of Garrus’ friends was on his way to the island as well. The three of us took the trip over to the island together.


We spent most of the day on the island run tours. We did everything from scavenger hunts to hunting bugs and catching massive sharks. It was very exciting.

It felt great taking a day off. I cannot wait to face the day tomorrow, well rested. I hope to meet some new people in Belintons new campsite.


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