Bridges…Gardens… and Stalks.

Dear Diary,

HNI_0024_JPGThis morning I woke up to finally pluck the apples I planted with Garrus from the trees. Sparro, a fellow citizen in Belinton, and I shared a few for breakfast on the way to city hall. He said they were the sweetest apples he’d ever tasted, and went on about the soil in Belinton, then ran off to go do some squats.

I found Isabell in city hall bright eye’d and bushy tailed as usual. She was happy to announce that both the new bridge and garden had been completed! The Towns People gathered at the new garden to celebrate! Every one seemed to have a great time and are excited to see all the new changes taking place in Belinton.

HNI_0051_JPG HNI_0057_JPG

On the way back home to pick up some paperwork, I happened upon a camel named Saharah who was peddling rugs and wallpaper. I walked her to my house, and she went to work to redesign the wallpaper and flooring in my house. It wasn’t too expensive and I must say, things came out pretty good.


Garrus visited us again, he had some business with Del, the gator that lives by the old bridge.


They were discussing Stalks.

It seems the prices of turnips are very high in Belinton but very low in Vakarian. The Stalk market is very lucrative these days. Especially if you aren’t scared to travel. It was nice to see him, I am glad he lives so close to Belinton and can visit so often.

Some pretty interesting stuff happened my during my daily round of the shops. The Nook kids of course had their usual fortune cookie and interesting furniture, but when I visited the Able Sisters shop something peculiar happened.

I have been visiting their shop every day from the first time I set foot in Belinton and Sable never spoke a word to me. I still offered her a hello and a smile every day, I figured she was shy since she never did much more then nod. I was happily surprised as she greeted me today. She seemed pretty happy that I frequent their shop, even if she didn’t really say it.


Today was another great day in Belinton, and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds.



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