4 ways to make Animal Crossing New Leaf EVEN better.

Animal Crossing is a really great game, but like all great things it can benefit from some simple improvements. Most of these improvements are simple quality of life issues, but some can make the game even more fun than it already is.


1) Fruit should automatically stack in your inventory!

Every 3 days, your little town is going explode with fruit. Apples, oranges, peaches and whatever else you could get your grubby little hands on in your adventures. A mayor is a very busy person, and you’ll be required to carry many different tools to get things done.  It is simply clunky how you have to go into your inventory and manually stack your fruit, Especially if you aren’t using a stylus.

2) A real trading system.


One of Animal Crossings most powerful features is it’s massive community. I find myself playing the game day and night, enjoying myself all the while. This community has led to websites and forums where people can sell their goods online. Even with this great community of awesome people, there are still some con-artists out there. You drop your Bells and they make off with them. If the good people at Nintendo Implemented a simple trading system, this wouldn’t happen any more.

3) Add a back yard, as an expansion!backyardtheme

I love customizing my house in Animal Crossing, and I love the massive collection of stuff available to me in animal crossing. While some things are really cool looking, I often times feel they dont belong inside of my house . It would would look a lot more amazing in my back yard. While the village is essentially all your backyard,  you can’t really customize it to your every whim the way you can your own back yard.

4)  Throwing events


Animal Crossing is an incredibly social game, especially with your animal townspeople. Another amazing mechanic to add to the game would be the ability to throw a party. There could be sometype of event planning shop in the village. Where you have to design and write the invitations, and some times even throw parties for people when they bring it up in casual conversation. It would be a great way to watch your villagers interact and just have a good time with them.


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An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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  1. Umbrielle says :

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    I agree with all of these points! C’mon Nintendo, let’s do this!

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