Looks like its Time for the Summer Solstice!

Dear Diary,

Today was the Summer Solstice, the first holiday I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending in Belinton. Even as I headed to work this morning, I saw my neighbors busy running around town and making sure everything was clean and tidy for the days celebration. As I walked into the town hall, I saw Isabella holding a box under her arm and smiling, she asked me if I ever got the letter about Town Hall being closed. After a conversation with Isabella, I learned that Belinton was expected to have 24 hours of sunlight due to the Solstice. Isabella told me to meet her in town square as soon as I had the time. I agreed and she went on her way, leaving me with the ever so important task of helping Belinton be as good as it could be.

First things first, I had a few fossils to donate over at the Belinton museuem. One of the most imporant things a Mayor can do for his town is make it a place people want to visit. That is why I recently decided that I was going to put all my effort in collecting as many specimens for the museum as possible. Blathers was very happy to take the donations after appraising them.


During my trip home for lunch the mail Bird came and dropped off the painting I bought from the art tent in Vakarian. I was excited to bring it over to Blathers, but I was pretty embarrassed to find out the painting was actually a fake. After some talking he was kind enough to give me a book explaining how I can easily tell a real painting from a fake one.

I ended my day with a visit from Garrus. He wanted to see how the summer solstice was going in Belinton. We had a great time, taking funny pictures and just hanging around enjoying the 24 hours of sunlight. I even got a tan!

I am becoming more and more comfortable with my position as Mayor of Belinton! I am sure this town will go amazing places as long as we work together !




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An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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