Mayor Tortimor is that you?


Dear Diary:

It was a wonderful morning in Belinton today. The sun was shining, and it almost looked like some of the fruit trees were already budding. The Apples Garrus planted with me were doing well, and growing very fast. I cannot wait for my friends and neighbors to taste the first apples grown in Belinton.

Just as I arrived at city hall, Isabella introduced me to the old Mayor of Belinton. He was a very old turtle,named Tortimor , recently retired with lots of stories to tell. After speaking to him for a while, he invited me to visit his island paradise. Tomorrow a boat is coming for me I am very excited.


As I was running around maintaining Belinton, doing some yard work Del the Gator approached me. Del was with Marcie and Sparro, they wanted to play a game of hide and seek with me. I threw my shovel to the side, and joined them. It took some time butI eventually won the game. My prize was an amazing Robot clock that I hung on my wall as soon as I got home.

HNI_0054_JPGOn my way to Vakarian, to see Garrus, the train had to stop for about an hour. We stopped at a wonderful little town, thatlooked really well developed. There was a forest full of different types of fruit trees, I of course put some fruit into my bag. I spent a lot of time exploring, and eventually even met a Dragon! I made it to the train just in time to make it over to Vakarian.


Garrus was waiting for me at city hall, where I found out the art vendor had made it to his town. After purchasing a new painting for Belinton Museum, Garrus and I took a trip over to the beach. It seems Vakarian was added to the route Kapp’n takes every day. Garrus and I had an amazing time on the island! Gathered lots of bugs and even got to play some games!

HNI_0100_JPG HNI_0080_JPG

I cannot wait to visit the island again soon.




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About Tony Rivera

An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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