Looks Like the Art Tent is is town!


Dear Diary:

This morning was quite the site to behold in Belinton, the sun rose over the naked peach trees. I took a nice walk over towards the beach where I was able to fill my pockets with seashells, before the recycling shop was even open! It was great to come home to a house and not a tent. I can see myself living a long and happy life as the mayor of Belinton.

I was very excited to see a new tent I’d never seen in the town square this morning. There was an old fox inside of it. He explained to me how rare his goods were, and that I could only purchase one, I eventually chose the statue of David. I cannot wait for it to arrive at my house tomorrow morning. I am sure the Owl at the Museum will be very happy to see it!

After a few bright” good morning”s, I was able to visit the young nook brothers’ shop, where they had some nice tools to help me maintain Belinton, most notably a butterfly net. Before I knew it I was stalking bugs in the trees and donating them to the Local Museum, even if the owl hated the new arrivals.

Around Midday I visited Tom Nook, we drew up the paperwork to make an expansion   to my house. Another 100,000 Bells. Should be Pretty easy, especially with all the creative ways to make money here in Belinton.HNI_0010_JPG

My friend Garrus came to visit me today! He brought some apples for me to plant, I am very excited to see how the trees do in my town. The residents in my town, especially Del, loved Garrus! I bet they will be talking about him for days to come.  Garrus and I spent some time hunting bugs and fishing together, it was lots of fun. I cannot wait to take a trip over to his town very soon!





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About Tony Rivera

An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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