PhotobucketEvery time Nintendo puts out a game, it seems that the designers have nothing less in mind than a group of kids sitting together and playing their lives away. A prime example of this is Dragon Quest 9. The marketing ads for this game have a witty Seth Green, sarcastically speaking about choices. Choosing Armor, choosing party compilations, even choosing weapon specializations. Who wouldn’t want to show their decked out Martial Artist to their best friend, actually to anyone that would look at it. This is where Nintendo fails.
They release games that are designed around the possibility of being multi-player, but have no online capability. Sorry Nintendo, but kids can sit around midday while being babysat with their friends and play locally. Sadly the older crowd may not always have that option, whether is be because of work, school or both. This is why they play video games online from the comfort of their own homes, into the whee hours of the night.
Sometimes, after slaying a cruel cumber and laughing after his own spear stabs him in the throat, I wonder what can be done about this. Some of you readers might scoff and say ” Nintendo DS can go online, make the games online”. The answer to that is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echos of Time. Take a quick gander at the online play in that game then come back to this article. Nintendo hasn’t really mastered online play yet.
Now envision, a television commercial, with poppy nintendo music, a few professional people at a local Coffee shop, and a gleam in their eyes just before two Nintendo DS’s come out and an epic Pokemon Battle Ensues. Queue Nin-friend-o, Nintendo online gaming community for teens and adults alike! A website officially endorsed by Nintendo, where people can use forums to interact and Nintendo can supply them with safe locations for Nin-friend-o events. Imagine a book club, but for gamers.


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About Tony Rivera

An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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