Over 150 and way more to see…

Pokemon Black & White the newest additions to the Pokemon Franchise were released on Sunday March 6th. This game has a lot of the things that old school Pokemon fans have been waiting for ever since pokemon hit the DS.  A full list of changes can be found at on Bulbapedia.

Here are some of the changes I am most excited for:

  1. The addition of 156 new Pokémon, bringing the total to 649. No Pokémon from previous generations can be found in Unova itself until after the National Pokédex is obtained.
  2. Expanded variance in camera placement, making the cities and towns of Unova more real and lifelike.
  3. Introduction of the Entralink, which allows players to visit each other in-game, rather than just inside of the Union Room.Pokémon now move constantly throughout battle, with animations reminiscent of those of Pokémon Crystal, rather than the two-sprite distortion method that has been the standard since Pokémon Emerald. Differently from before, they don’t stop moving. The speed in which Pokémon move changes as the HP goes down and with status conditions.
  4. TMs have expanded from 92 to 95. Many of the 92 TMs found in Generation IV contain different moves. In addition, TMs are now able to be used an infinite number of times just like HMs.
  5. There is also online match making where you can battle random players across the world !

I have big hopes for this new generation of pokemon!


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About Tony Rivera

An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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