One Day of Rift.

SmallI got a nice amount of rift in today, got to about level 13. From everything I have seen, the game is pretty refreshing. The rifting system is amazing, and it really helps you enjoy the game. Random players in the world come together and fight back the creatures, which can sometimes get out of hand and become very difficult.

The “public group system” was a great idea on Trion’s part. When you get close to a rift a group is automatically started and you need to join it to get credit for downing the levels of the rift. The rifting UI is easy to understand, and the entire experience is just fun, which games should be.

The need for random people to come together and randomly depend on one another seems to cut down on the trolling a bit, since a healer probably wouldn’t heal you if you were that jerk in /1. Not saying there is not trolling at all.

I can see myself at max level running around with my guild and hunting for rifts. This game so far is very exciting and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

Rift is refreshing and a great buy, I am happy I bought it and look forward to endgame content.

-Things to come-
Rifting UI explanation video
Souls System explanation Video
How to pick your souls Tutorial video


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An avid gaymer with a soft spot for anything steam punk or robotic. Firmly believes that video games are more than just entertainment, but something to think critically about.

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