First Impressions: Transistor

Supergiant Games the people that brought you Bastion recently released their followup to game, Transistor. While in no way a sequel to Bastion, Supergiant’s signature style is all over the game, and boy does that make it an amazing experience. Transistor takes place in a futuristic metropolis called Cloudbank where technology is completely integrated into the world. Cloudbank is completely democratic society, early on in the game you find that you can vote on the weather forecast for the next day. It is unclear whether or not these votes really make a difference in the game, but it really sets the tone for the world of Cloudbank.

Transistor starts right in middle of the action, giving the player a feeling curiosity that keeps them exploring and thirsty for information. This thirst is steadily quenched as your sword converses with you, allowing you to slowly piece together whats going on. The gameplay in Transistor is captivating, the action seamlessly transitions between two different battle types. Regardless of which battle type you choose, or how you customize your abilites, Transistor is a fun and engaging game.

Keep an eye on Lowkeygaming for the full review coming soon.

Video Review: Child of Light

Check out our review of Ubisoft’s Child of Light, this game  is truly a work of art. Every aspect of the game flawlessly melds together to create what is definitely a triple “A” experience. At only 15 dollars this game is definitely  something every gamer, poet, and art enthusiast should pick up!  Let us know if we left anything out about the game!

New Pokemon Titles Announced, due out in November!

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been announced with a release date some time in November, just in time for Christmas. So far there have been no details about the game havve been announced except for the Box Art.

It looks like the two legendary Pokemon are going to have Mega Evolutions, and based on what Pokemon said about future games there will be other ones throughout the game as well.

Stay tuned for details about the new titles!

First Impression Child of Light


From the moment I heard about Child of Light,
I knew that this game would be quite the sight.
The art had me stunned my jaw to the floor,

You really can’t understand until you take a look,
The game it feels like you’re playing a book,
but that wasn’t enough, Ubisoft had tons more.

The game really takes off just as you take flight,
With mechanics that help you have fun in each fight,
Exploration for once doesn’t feel like a chore,

The story it tells is quite the great tale,
You start to believe that Aurora can’t fail,
If you want to learn more here’s what’s in store,

Child of Light is written as a Ballad,
It’s rave reviews are undeniably Valid.
This is the RPG I have been asking for, 

The video review will be up for you soon,
Before Mario Kart 8 which is out close to June,
Until then I’ll be loving this game to it’s core. 

Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct

Tons of information was revealed about Mario Kart 8 in an unexpected Nintendo Direct. Anti-gravity racing was explained in much greater detail, including how it changes the mechanics of racing.

On top of that, 4 exciting new items were revealed to the masses. Including the Crazy 8 which gives you 8 different items to use at once. It is unclear exactly how you choose which item to use, it is likely cyclical.

Lastly a roster of 30 characters has been announced in the upcoming Mario Kart title. In addition to 7 Koopalings, baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach were added to the game. Sadly, no mention of my personal favorite Dry Bones.

In classic Nintendo Style there is an awesome incentive to buy and register the game, free games of course.


Amazon Fire TV…destined to go up in smoke?


What’s Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon recently announced it’s entrance into the growing set top box streaming scene with the Amazon Fire TV, obviously named after the KindleFire line of tablets. At first glance the Amazon Fire  TV is your standard streaming device. The set-top box offers your typical selection of streaming applications like Hulu and Netflix in addition to some more obscure selections like Crackle and Huffpost live. While still missing some subscriptions, namely HBO GO, it is still ahead of the game with access to the Amazon App Store.  A marketplace isn’t the only thing that separates Amazon Fire Tv from the crowd, the set top box also function as an android powered gaming device, similar in  many ways to the Ouya. Amazon Fire TV costs $99 and is currently available for purchase on

Wait it plays games?

Graphics Qualcomm Adreno 320
Processor Qualcomm Krait 300, quad-core 1.7 GHZ 
Storage 8 GB internal
Dimensions 4.53 × 4.53 × 0.69 in
Weight 9.9 oz

Amazon Fire TV promises to be faster than the competition and have better graphics than other android based micro systems like the Ouya. With the hefty tech specs this promise won’t be to hard to keep. The Amazon Fire TV boasts a Quad core processor and a dedicated GPU to help keep the games running smooth and looking great. The amazon fireTV uses HDMI to connect to the television and many games are  even graphically enhanced to look better when they are loaded on the Amazon Fire TV, which in it’s self is amazing.

The amazon fireTV’s $99 price point includes the standard television remote control which can be used for some games, but for a far better gaming experience you’re going to want tin invest in an actual gaming peripheral. If you don’t already have a bluetooth or USB controller you can purchase amazons own controller which unlike the set top box won’t be shipping until around May 11th. This is only optional since fireTV is compatible with  any blue tooth or USB controller.

Speaking of Games…

amazon-fire-tv-game-controllerAlthough the console part of the amazon fireTV seems like it was just thrown in, Amazon isn’t exactly putting it on the back burner. In fact, some time before Amazon even announced the fireTV Amazon acquired Double Helix Studios, the studio that made games like Killer Instinct and Strider. The purchase of Double Helix included both staff and Intellectual Property, in other words we may be seeing Killer Instinct on the Amazon fireTV before long.

Along with access to games developed as exclusives for the Amazon fireTV, almost every game on the Amazon App Store is playable on the Amazon fireTV. While the market for set top boxes is quickly getting congested , Amazon fireTV seems to have just enough of an edge to really plant some roots. I personally can’t wait to see whats in store.


Super Smash Brothers …. two wild Pokemon appear!

Nintendo made a few great announcements today in a Nintendo Direct focused on Super Smash Brothers WiiU and 3DS.

Two new challengers have arrived in the form of Greninja and Charizard.
Greninja looks awesome and Charizard seems to have a mega evolution available, probably his Final Smash.

In other news Zero Suit Samus and Sheik are coming back with their own spots on the selection roster.

Slowpoke News Network: Twitch Plays Pokemon (Gen. 1)

Twitch Plays Pokemon struck the internet as quite the phenomenon. At this point the community is actually completing the second generation and gearing up for the 3rd generation. In classic slowpoke fashion this video is a little outdated but a great way to get up to speed with the first generation of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

The Last of Us video Review…

Naughty Dog is just about to release “Left Behind” it’s highly anticipated DLC for The Last of Us. If you’re still on the fence about picking this game up, hopefully this Video review will help you choose. The game is an instant classic in every sense of the word, and I for one cannot wait to pick up the DLC as soon as it is released.

A Wild Ditto Appeared!


LowkeyGaming is commited to doing it’s very first give away!
On Friday the 15th of November we will be giving away Ditto’s caught specifically for breeding! These Dittos will have at least 2 perfect Inherited Value’s (IV’s) which can easily be passed down to your other Pokemon!

Any one who likes the Lowkeygaming page on Facebook is eligible!
To get your fancy Breeding Ditto you  simply need to send me a message on Facebook to Lowkeygaming with your Friend Code before 12:00PM EST on 11.15.13!

If you’re wondering how to tell exactly which stats are perfect on your Ditto you need to visit the Pokemon Center in Kiloude City! There will be one of those psychic NPC’s to the left by the dressing rooms. He will tell you exactly which of the stats on your Ditto are best!

Hope to hear from you all soon!